List of katas, ideas and suggestions for katas.



  • Create a Twilio Serverless solution to send Sms and process response. Create a question that prompts for an answer. If the answer is correct, send a congratulatory response. If incorrect, send a commiserations response. Include secure HTTP endpoint as advanced

  • Create a Twilio Serverless solution that calls out to external HTTP API to enrich an inbound channel communication

  • Create an Azure Functions HTTP Trigger using Serverless Framework (nodejs and .NET Core)

  • Create an Azure Functions RabbitMQ Exchange deployed to Azure Web App Services Container Trigger using Serverless Framework (node js and .NET Core)

  • Create a local Kubernetes cluster and deploy a microservice and expose it to be accessed from your local network.

  • Create a Kubernetes deployment, with front-end, microservice, caching and NoSql engine.

  • net-core-web-app Create a .NET Core C# web application that renders a list of random names api. Load Names from an API, where the URI for API is set in an appSettings file. Use the Configuration IOptions pattern and the HttpClientFactory factory class. Create a test using Moq and xUnit, and return Stub from HttpMessageHandler. Use a different API URI per environment.

  • net-core-web-app-docker Create a Redis Caching layer for net-core-web-app.NET Core random name web application. Have a TTL of 10 seconds. Host in Docker container. Create an Kubernetes deployment manifest. Refs: deployment example

  • Create an nodejs app with (1) unit tests using TDD approach with Jest and (2) load test using artillery. Host in Kubernetes via deployment manifest. 2 tiers: Web and Db.


  • terraform